Human Entities Remove Obstacles

Over 20 years of dedicated research on the human condition has resulted in a system for identifying and solving problems.  Julian Daley founder of the Human Endeavour Research Organisation asserts that by definition all humans are heroes with their engagement in survival processes on this planet.

Now, it's true that not everybody wants to identify themselves as a hero but the human condition necessitates problem solving for sentient beings.  All single celled organisms move towards pleasure and away from pain.  All humans need to solve problems.  Human beings who solve problems in an extraordinary way become celebrated heroes thrust into the limelight. (Examples: Great poets & storytellers *Expression* Great Philosophers & teachers *Education* Great scientists & inventors *Engineering* etc).
However, the majority of human beings are solving problems everyday without light being shone upon them.  Everyday heroism is a phenomenon, it's real! And you are a benefactor and a beneficiary.  The more problems we experience collectively, the stronger the need for collective heroism. The individual hurdles we overcome and the personal victories we achieve raise the whole of humanity.  In at least some small way you are of service to something much bigger at all times.  HEROISM IS AN IDEA THAT SHOULD BE ACTIVATED AND REINFORCED IN YOUR IMAGINATION.  The HERO principles are the way to activate and reinforce heroism in your imagination and to reap better results on a continual basis.


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